Creating Reiki Space with Animals

What is Animal Reiki for me? Everything: the connection, the telepathic communication, both on emotional and spiritual level, the healing touch. Empathy, respect and humility. The awareness that we all have our own journey to travel but we still may be the fantastic travel companions, even if we meet, on the physical level, for a short period of time only. But thanks to this meeting both, an animal and me, we manage to connect with the Source even stronger. I can see and feel you and I don’t judge you. You can see and feel me and you accept me just the way I am. Often, the sensations I perceive are very strong, full of physical pain that my friend is suffering, full of his fear and uncertainty. His confusion may be so great that I will stop breathing from sadness that tries to overwhelm me. And this is when all years of practicing the Animal Reiki and of my personal work help me. I assure you that feeling pity for an animal, being angry with his oppressors or frightened in front of an animal that is passing away – all this is of no help for the animal. Sure, those are all human emotions and we may feel them, even though we love an animal more than anything else in the world. Actually, the more we love an animal, the easier we may fall into the trap of these emotions. 

How do animals that need our help will perceive such a situation? They feel our sadness, grief and anger. They do not understand that we are not angry with them, they do not ask why we are crying etc.. the only thing they sense is a very heavy energy that, instead of helping them to raise, will oppress them even more…   

So – is there anything we may do if we really want to help an animal that had been abused, is ill or dying?  

Sure there is! We may create a wonderful space of love and compassion and invite an animal to join us and to accept the amount of healing he/she will be ready to accept. Is it easy? No, it’s not – at the beginning. Is it possible? Sure it is.

The Reiki system consists of 5 elements, but I will skip the other four for now and want to share with you the fifth one: meditations.

There exist millions of meditations all over the world but, although the Reiki system consist of meditations, non every meditation makes the part of this system.

Anyway, I would love you all to start practicing the following meditation. You can see here the President and Founder of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association, Kathleen Prasad. She will guide you in this short and simple meditation. There is also a link with an mp3 file as you can practice it everywhere ( maybe not while driving, we still need you all here, guys).

I would like you all to start practicing this meditation in order you start to understand a little bit more about the Reiki system. It is not some kind of secret ritual, known to only few chosen people all over the world, Animal Reiki is CONNECTION, LOVE AND COMPASSION. And you all are connected with animals and love them unconditionally. The only difference between you and SARA members is that we probably know some more tools and we have been practicing them for years. And now I want to share some of them with you gradually. I want you to be able to create this wonderful Reiki place with animals, too. We will practice this also together if you want.

And as always, please feel free to write, ask and share anything you want, also on this page. 

The following video is an excerpt from a live interview Kathleen did with Amanda Ree of Sama Dog Wellbeing ( 


Meditation mp3


With love and gratitude





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